BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Soft Cleanser Liquid (13 OZ) with Non Scratch Scouring Scrubber Kit (5Pcs) | Best Stainless Steel Cleaner with Heavy Duty Non Scratch DishCloth.

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☆Do not use Bar Keepers Friend cleaner on…☆ Gold, silver, pewter, marble, lacquered metals, or anodized aluminum. ☆Household sponges smell and fall apart☆ The Crown Choice Scouring Scrubber pack includes two non scratch heavy duty cloths made of strong nylon that is resistant to odors. Use it with Bar Keepers cooktop cleaner to clean tough messes from rust, ceramics, stains, hard water stains and bring back the shine. Easy to use ceramic stovetop cleaner. A glass stove top cleaner like this is can be used to scrub down bathroom tiles, clean grout, the bathtub, even remove dried food stains on your ceramic stove top without scratching. This bartenders friend cleanser is can be used to scrub down bathroom tiles, clean grout, the bathtub, even remove dried food stains on your ceramic stove top without scratching. It’s also a bar keepers friend stainless steel cleaner. ☆Bar Keepers Friend to the rescue☆ Bar Keepers Friend or bartenders friend (BKF) soft cleanser 13oz is a premium cleanser and polish that makes household surfaces shine like new again. It’s a multipurpose cleanser for chrome, stainless steel, porcelain, tile, ceramic and fiberglass surfaces. BKF is an effective cleaning formula made in the USA that works without chlorine bleach for everyday cleaning and removing tough stains, lime and hard water stains. BKF can even remove rust and tarnish from copper and brass.


  • ✓ BEST CLEANING POLISHING KIT: 12oz Bar Keepers Friend cleanser and polish with durable cleaning scrub cloth pads that won't build bacteria or odors. Perfect cleaning cloths.
  • ✓ NON ABRASIVE and NON SCRATCH CLOTHS: Bar Keepers Friend is non abrasive unlike other competitor products. The cleaning cloths are 100% non scratch and will outlast any sponge and leave your pots and pans sparkling clean.
  • ✓ SHOCKING BEFORE AFTER PHOTOS: Bring old, rusty, crusty items back to its original shine with the BKF cleanser and The Crown Choice scrubbing cloths. Use in the kitchen on cookware, cooktops, stainless steel appliances, copper pans, sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls and more.
  • ✓ BKF is MADE IN USA (Indianapolis) ✓Cleaning Cloth and Household Scrubber Sponge MADE IN KOREA (NOT CHINA)
  • ✓ NON SMELLY CLEANING CLOTHS: The included cloths and scrub pad will NOT build up disgusting sponge odors and won't fall apart so easily like a sponge. Use the cloth as a dishcloth to suck up hard water stains and marks from your stainless steel pots and pans. Use the scrubbing pad with Bar Keepers Friend on outdoor grills, fridges, flatware.

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