Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser (26 oz) and Non Scratch Scouring Scrubber Kit | Multipurpose, Stainless Steel, Rust, Soft Cleaner with Heavy Duty Non Scratch DishCloth

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This bundle includes the Bar Keeper's Friend Cleanser & The Crown choice Non-scratch Scourer. The Soft Cleanser is a powerful cleaner that can clean hard water stains, limescale, soap residue and so much more. It's the most effective cleanser for multipurpose use. Use it to clean in the kitchen—clean plates, utensils, pots, pans, and more. It's great and will not harm most surfaces. But do not use the Bar Keeper's Friend Cleanser on Gold, silver, pewter, marble, lacquered metals, or anodized aluminum. The Crown Choice Heavy Duty, Non Scratch Scourer is an extremely durable dishcloth cleaner that you can use for scouring or polishing. The non-scratch scourer is a nylon mesh cloth but it won't unravel. This is not like cheap nylon mesh cloths. Do you know why sponges stink? Sponges absorb and keep water in. Not this Non-scratch Scourer. This heavy-duty, Non Scratch Scourer is not absorbent and not for wiping. It's for heavy-duty scrubbing for pots and pans. Non-absorbent means it will not keep in nasty smells. It also means it's easier to clean. Just wash under running water and air dry. Yes, it's a heavy-duty dishcloth but it's also a non-scratch scourer. It's not as abrasive as steel scourer pads but it gets the job done. Your pots and pans will look like new. Scrub away sticky rice or cheese. No worries because this heavy-duty scrubber is tough on food residue but gentle to pots and pans surface. *It's non-scratch but you need to test it out first on a small portion of a surface. It's so much easier to clean any cookware and to scour pots and pans. It's non abrasive but it has awesome cleaning power. It's unlike other flimsy mesh cloths that can't clean anything before breaking down. Bar Keeper's Friend Cleanser and Non Scratch Scourer is a great combination to clean and polish your cookware or kitchenware.


  • ⭐BEST USA CLEANSING AND POLISHING DUO:⭐ The Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser has a strong cleaning power to remove all sorts of dirt and grimes on non-porous surface. It's an ideal cleanser for stainless steel and removes rust, tarnish, mineral deposits and tough stains. Plus the Crown Choice Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth is made up of open nylon cloth that scrubs away tough stains and grimes
  • ⭐SAVES YOU TIME AND ENERGY⭐: The BKF Cleanser and non scratch scourer works faster than any other cleanser. Leave it for 1 minute and scrub the surface using non scratch scourer to remove the residues and see your pans and other items looking like new.
  • ✓ PERFECT FOR CLEANING ANYTHING IN YOUR HOME: Yes Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser can clean any surface from your kitchen to bathroom to outdoor spaces! Cleans stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper alloys, aluminum, ceramic, porcelain, glass, Corian, sinks, cookware, stove cooktops and exteriors, countertops (non-stone),backsplashes, porcelain or ceramic dishes, rained floors and many other.
  • ✓ NON SCRATCH AND ODOR FREE SCOURER: The design on the scourer is an open mesh so it doesn't trap any food particles and does not allow buildup of bacteria to prevent odor.
  • ✓ FOOD-SAFE: Barkeepers Friend has a non-hazardous physical classification. BKF is made in the USA. Non-scratch Scourer is made in Korea.

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 65% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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