BALANKUR Montessori Sliding Puzzle | Educational Wooden Sorting Toy for Toddlers, Boys, Girls Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 | Color & Shape Matching Game | Preschool Learning Activity | Birthday Gift for Kids

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Montessori Educational Toys: Learning Skills Has Never Been More Fun for Your Child Looking for a fun learning toy that will keep your child even more hooked than a screen? We’ve got an exciting surprise that will literally force your kiddo to toss the ipad aside (and most likely) never want to pick it up again. Balankur wooden Montessori toys are insanely fun puzzles that help your child master fine motor skills and problem-solving, providing them the tools to succeed in life. Watch on proudly as your child picks a pattern and uses their clever little mind to arrive at it. But the fun doesn’t stop there… Our wood educational toys are double-sided with various cute patterns. Once your little learner has completed one side of the four color puzzle game, they can flip it to use their creative imagination again. And again. And again (and have hours of fun doing so!) Why Kids and Parents Love Our Logic Puzzle Toys: -Hours of educational fun while you sit back and relax. -Develops fine motor skills, cognitive thinking, and problem-solving skills. -Multiple patterns and double-sided for unlimited creative play. -High-quality, smooth to touch wood is safe for little hands. -Perfect for ages 3+: Perfect Montessori toys for 4 year old and more! There’s only one word coming out of your kid’s mouth during playtime: FUN! Are you ready to stimulate your little one’s curious and creative mind? Imagine that look of joy on your child’s face as they discover new ways to put the puzzle together. Is it playtime yet? Click the “Add To Cart” button - your child will thank you for it


  • Montessori Puzzle for Kids: Attention parents! We’ve got a slide puzzle that will send your little one’s head in a spin and jump for joy once they solve their puzzle! With multiple patterns to choose from, our double-sided matching puzzle game produces hours of head-scratching and excitement.
  • Fun & Educational Games: Behind the smile on their face, our board games for 3+ years olds based on Montessori Tactile Sorting helps your children to improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, visual, problem solving, reasoning and complex pattern recognition essential for students who excel in science, art, engineering, technology and literature. It's the ideal toy to give any child who loves puzzles, likes to work with their hands, or needs more challenges and mental stimulation.
  • Double-Sided Sorting Toys: Double the fun; double the excitement. Once your child has mastered one side of the Montessori toy, they can flip over and start again. With so many color patterns to choose from, you’ll love the hours of fun you and your child will have while completing pretty patterns. Increase excitement with the included timer and stand. Compete to see which friend or sibling can complete the most cards.
  • Perfect Learning Toy for Ages 3 +: There’s a reason why so many parents are swapping out the game consoles for matching games for kids ages 3-5. Our slide puzzles for kids offer the perfect early learning opportunity. It offers a more engaging challenge than found with other sorting toys that all seem the same. Recommended for pre-school teachers, daycare, kindergarten, and early grades. Even adults enjoy this toy for creative relaxation and escape from stress.
  • High Quality & Safe for Kids: Made of quality wood materials with a strong commitment to child safety and lasting reliability. The High-quality, smooth wood finish and non-toxic paint make it the perfect addition to your child’s playroom. Enjoy this color matching puzzle that can be passed down through generations. Are you ready to surprise your child or grandchild with a Montessori sorting toy? Click “Add to Cart” now.

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