Babies Don't Eat Pizza: A Big Kids' Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters

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Product Description A straightforward, reassuring book aimed at children awaiting the arrival of a new baby in the family...The charming watercolor illustrations show all kinds of families caring for and getting to know their newcomers. Though many quality books on this subject are available, Danzig's offering will bring comfort to expectant parents and siblings alike. - School Library Journal With kid-friendly humor and honesty, BABIES DON'T EAT PIZZA covers waiting for baby and life with baby from birth through toddlerhood. Multicultural families; how babies are born, grow and behave; adoption, premature and special needs babies; breast and bottle feeding, twins, helping and playing with babies, older children's feelings, and a parents' tips page are included. Vetted by teachers, nurse educators, physicians, librarians, and parents, the book speaks to the real questions, perceptions and concerns that the author has heard from over 2,500 children about their baby siblings. Mom's Choice Award Gold RecipientCalifornia Readers 2010 California Collection - Elementary Division Review While Danzig, an R.N. who has led sibling preparation classes for two decades, and Tilley \ (Growing Up: It's a Girl Thing) seek a spot on a very crowded bookshelf, their practical, straightforward approach merits a look. Focusing on day-to-day living with an infant, the text adopts an unfussy tone that subtly flatters readers as being sensible and mature (relatively speaking). "Babies are small and fragile and strong," writes Danzig. "Watch out for your ears and nose, and don't let your hair get too close." It's also notable that Danzig refers to the infant as "your baby," clearly signaling that the reader has a stake in all this, too. She reinforces the connection by referring readers frequently to their own babyhood: "Can you believe you had to learn to roll over?" Tilley's ink and watercolor cartoons are sunny and empathic in the Laura Cornell mode, and include plenty of visual jokes to encourage anxious kids-and their parents-to bond. Headings on most spreads make this volume eminently browsable-and therefore a handy family resource. --Publishers Weekly, Jan. 2009 Stop right here if you are looking for a perfect book to tell children about their new lit\ tle brother or sister. Done in a light-hearted but also matter-of-fact style, this book will answer all of the questions new big siblings have. The book ranges from what babies look like to what they eat to what they can do plus all of the hair pulling and stinky bottoms too. The mix of the sweet with the annoying will prepare children well. Danzig's text is spot on, offering just the right amount of information and leaving nothing to a child's imagination. The tone is exactly right too, filled with humor but staying up front and informative. Tilley's illustrations add a friendly approachable feel to the information, keeping the book light rather than intimidating. A great book for public libraries to have on hand to inform all of the new big brothers and sisters. This would also be a great gift for the new sibling when the pregnancy announcement is made. --Tasha Saecker, Children's Librarian, Director-Elisha D. Smith Public Library (Menasha, WI), Feb. 12, 2009 Becoming a big brother or sister is a very big deal in a child's life...try to think of a \ book that discusses infant development on a child friendly level...Well, thanks to Dianne Danzig, Babies Don't Eat Pizza fills in that gap nicely...This is a very sweet (but not saccharine-there's plenty of humor) and respectful book. Kudos to Danzig for noting that some mommies have an operation to get the baby out, and that some babies need to stay in an incubator if they are small or sick. The book empowers children in interaction with their new brother or sister...If you know of a soon-to-be big brother or big sister, get him/her this book. --Jennifer Schultz, Youth Services Librarian, Warrenton Branch of the Fauquier County Public


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