Aricove Cooling Weighted Blanket, 15 lbs, 48”x72”, Certified Premium Soft Bamboo in White Color, Luxury Quality in Twin Size for Individual Use or Gifts

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Discover the Aricove difference
Adding weight on your body is not our goal, creating high quality and rejuvenating sleep is. Being our flagship innovation, all Aricove weighted blankets are made of premium hand-picked materials, expertly crafted and put together with this end goal in mind to help you recharge, rejuvenate and soar above it all.

What is the best weight for me?
The general rule of thumb is that the blanket's effective weight should be around 10% of your body weight with +/- 2lbs - as you can see here, there is no hard and fast rules for this question. Heaviness perception is subjective and does vary from person to person. As long as you don't feel restricted being under it in the first few nights, your body will soon get used to the new nurturing sensory input and be able to enjoy the benefits from using it.

Why shouldn't I get a bigger weighted blanket?
Being a speciality smart-sleep device, most of its mass needs to be on you rather than on your bed. This way the blanket's weight is more concentrated to deliver an even distribution of weight following the contours of your body. Measures 48"x72", Aricove weighted blankets sufficiently covers a 5'11" tall individual's feet and shoulders.

Keep your room cool for temperature regulation to work
Aricove's speciality design and the tight weave structure of bamboo viscose fabric encourage a temperature equilibrium between the warm interior underneath your blanket and the cool exterior. While it naturally allows moisture to evaporate and air to circulate, it won't be able to cool you down if the room you are in is hot and humid. You are recommended to keep your room cool throughout the night, or at least before you go to bed, for the best result.


  • Aricove's signature 4" double-stitched diamond pattern cleverly contains and distributes weight evenly following the close contours of your body. Help improve sleep quality and reduce tossing and turning with over 130 stabilized pressure points soothing your nervous system.
  • Deliver cooling effect via our built-in evaporative, breathable system to prevent overheating and alleviate hot flash symptoms. The 100% bamboo cover is sewn-in and fully integrated to make this one-piece, 7-layer blanket excel other 5-layer-plus-a-cover options in temperature regulation and weight distribution.
  • 7 layers of ultra-soft, certified chemical-free materials with a silky touch and feel on our luxurious bamboo fabric. Our weighted blankets are hypoallergenic, machine washable and tumble dry safe so that you can ensure this personal item is hygienic and thoroughly clean over time. Beautiful when exposed, it can be used without an additional duvet cover (sold separately).
  • Sleep could be complicated, and we are here to facilitate. A duffel bag and a two-piece instruction manual are included, making it a perfect gift. Get access to our 24/7 virtual assistant. Our friendly support team is ready to assist any time too.
  • All weighted blankets come with a 3-year limited warranty and a risk-free 100-night trial, because we know certainly our products won't fall apart easily like most others. You've never compromised quality, why should your sleep be any different?

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Aricove Cooling Weighted Blanket 15 Lbs 48x72 Cert, is it available on Amazon?

Yes! But at Pricepulse we inform you when is the lowest price to buy the Aricove Cooling Weighted Blanket 15 Lbs 48x72 Cert

Should I buy the Aricove Cooling Weighted Blanket 15 Lbs 48x72 Cert now?

It's unlikely to find significant changes in price, we expect this product to remain within its Average price. Our advice is Buy now.

What is the current price of Aricove Cooling Weighted Blanket 15 Lbs 48x72 Cert?

Its current price is $129.95

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The lowest historical price was $84.95