AQUA CREST Inline Water Filter, Dedicated for Car Washing, Window & Yard Cleaning, Effectively Reduce Hard Water Spots, Soften Water, Upgraded Formula, Pack of 2

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Why should you use filtered water when cleaning paintwork? The oxidizing chlorine and corrosive acid substances in water can damage the paintwork of cars. Air-dried heavy metals such as aluminum, cadmium, magnesium, iron, lead, and mercury result in water spots, thereby affecting the appearance of cars. The upgraded, multiple-filtration formula of the AQUACREST outdoor water filter can effectively remove chlorine, acidic substances and other elements harmful to paintwork, thereby better protecting cars and fences. It can also boost the power of your detergent and remove sediment and heavy metals, effectively reducing the appearance of hard water spots and eliminating the need to dry your car with a cloth, th us saving your time and effort. Long-lasting service life: The filter can fully meet your outdoor water needs for 3 months. Note that the life of the filter depends on the local water quality. Meeting the outdoor needs: Professionally developed for outdoor cleaning, the filter is ideal for car washing, window washing, yard and fence cleaning , result in more excellent effect. Perfect fitting: The filter fits any standard 3/4" garden hose thread and pressure washer. Note: The filter is specially developed for outdoor cleaning. Drinking the filtered water is not recommended.


  • Multi-filtration: Unlike the single filtration that other brands provide, our upgraded composite car wash filter contains superior resin, GAC and KDF. Several stages of filtration efficiently remove harmful elements such as chlorine, aluminum, cadmium, magnesium, iron, lead, mercury and other heavy metals, as well as sediments. This filtered water will better protect the paintwork of your car.
  • Efficient Cleaning: The inline car wash water filter catalyzes the effort of the detergent, and effectively reduce water spots caused by air-dried minerals after car washing and yard cleaning without the use of a cloth, thereby saving you time and effort. The 5-micron filter aperture can efficiently filter out impurities and produce quality water.
  • Meeting Your Outdoor Needs: Professionally developed for outdoor cleaning, the filter is ideal for car washing, window washing, yard and fence cleaning. It also fits pressure washers. To save money, use this filter to wash your vehicle instead of relying on expensive car washing services. In addition, the upgraded filter is smaller and lighter than the traditional filter, so you won't need a cart and activating resin. The filter is easy to use and can meet your daily needs.
  • More Cost-effective: The inline car wash filter has a lower average weekly cost than expensive car washing services, thereby saving you money. The upgraded formula prolongs the service and storage life of the filter, ensuring long-lasting, clean, and hygienic use.
  • Perfectly Fitting Your Equipment and Long-lasting Service Life: The inline filter fits any standard 3/4" garden hose thread. The durable inline water filter can fully meet your outdoor water needs for 3 months. You'll enjoy clean and fresh water while protecting the paintwork of your car and beautifying your yard.

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