Angerstone Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Kit–400/1000 Grit Whetstone Set, Professional Knife Sharpener Stone with Flattening Stone, Angle Guide and Nonslip Rubber Base

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Use our wetstone,this is the best option to achieve the best and sharpest edge. When choosing a sharpen stone, there are two main items to consider: grit and size. Our grindstone is double sided to provide two grits enabling one stone to satisfy the basic requirements of sharpening. Our knife stones can take even the most dull knife and bring it to razor sharpness. The 400 grit side will restore an edge profile. The 1000 grit side will smooth the edge to produce an excellent cutting knife. The size is ideal for kitchen knives at approx 7" length with a width of 2.3”. This is the most common length stone sharpener we sell for kitchens, because it is large enough for ease of use, while still very portable and fits easily in a drawer. Honing Instructions: 1. Soak stone in water until bubbles stop (5-10 mins), then place on black silicone holder (Or pad a wet cloth at the bottom). 2. Use 400grit side for coarse grinding at 10~30 degree angle gently for 15 minutes. 3. Then Polish the edge for 10 minutes with 1000Grit side. 4. Keep some water on the stone to stay cool. 5. Use flattening stone to keep your knife stone flat. 6. After honing, clean the knife with wet cloth or water, then dry it. Warm Tips: 1.Please make full use of the surface not just the middle part, or use flat honing stone to fix it. 2.We welcome any questions regarding our stone and blade sharpening. Please contact us - we want to hear from you!


  • ▶【SUPERIOR WHETSTONE SHARPENING STONE SET】:Your WHETSTONE SHARPENER STONE KIT comes with double sided (#400/ #1000)premium quality wet stone,flattening stone, knife sharpening angle guide, silicone base, and are perfect for making very dull knives scary sharp.
  • ▶【MULTIPURPOSE USE】:This sharpening stone set can sharp ANY BLADE:kitchen knife,steak knife, paring knife, sushi knife, cleaver knife, blade sharpener, straight razor, hunting knife, pocket knife, scissors, chisel, carving and garden tools, it can even sharp a axe and sword! but EXCEPT serrated blade and ceramic knife.
  • ▶【DUAL SIDED WATERSTONE】:Our kitchen knife sharpening stone is made from highly durable silicon carbide dual side grit 400/1000. Grit 400 is used for returning edges to their original shape, Grit 1000 is used for sharpening & smoothing the edge.
  • ▶【EASY TO USE】:Our knife sharpening kit only requires a couple minutes of soaking before using, no oil is required like traditional japanese wet stones. and angle guide allows you to maintain CORRECT ANGLE and safely apply consistent pressure while sharpening the blade, Flatening stone is used to level the uneven surface caused due to repeated use, making it flat.
  • ▶【PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS】----Our wetstone have been inspected by a reputable third party inspection company. Each grinding stone for knife has been checked, put under a durability and functionality test before shipped to you.NO COMPROMISE on quality! This simple-yet-unparalled award winning tool is used by everyone from stay at home moms to various professionals. Don’t forget to buy this honing stone for sharpening knives as a COOL GIFT for your family and friends.

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