ANCHORED DECOR Artificial Eucalyptus Garland Vine comes with Fairy Led Lights Wedding Backdrop Arch Wall Decor Home Garden Greenery Garland Eucalyptus Leaves

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✅PACKAGE WILL INCLUDE: Our product contains one 6 foot artificial eucalyptus garland vine with one 6 foot fairy led string light. Both items come separately. You have the option to intertwine it according to your preference. The twinkle lights require two double (AA) batteries that are not provided with your purchase of this item. The eucalyptus garland vine and fairy lights are both lightweight, durable and easy to shape and manage. You may reuse this item over and over. ✅ITEMS COLOR: Artificial Eucalyptus Garland Vine: Features artificial eucalyptus leaves with deep green coloring and leaf miners for a realistic look. The eucalyptus leaves are a combination of frosted/grayed with green coloring. Fairy Lights: The battery operated lights comes with a popular skinny silver string with cool white bulbs that offers an attractive lighting. ✅HOW TO APPLY: The artificial greenery eucalyptus garland vine with silver dollar leaves along with fairy lights is the perfect greenery decor for an elegant and boho wedding, party or event! ✅HERE ARE SOME STYLING TIPS-: Apply it as draping over your archway, hanging around a doorway, use as a wedding arch decoration, or you may add it to an elegant or rustic table runner. You may also apply it to your business welcome sign or use it as framing around any picture of door or hallway entrance. You may use it on any table for a wedding ceremony, christening, bachelorette party, unveiling ceremony, etc. You may also add the garland to any chair backs/sides or benches at an indoor or outdoor wedding.


  • ✅<b>STYLISH ARTIFICIAL EUCALYPTUS GARLAND</b> -- Our silver dollar eucalyptus leaves vine looks real. Our garland comes with stunning fairy led lights. The best garland to pair with every DIY project.
  • ✅<b> STUNNING FAIRY LIGHTS</b>-- Our 6 foot battery powered string light is a major asset to the eucalyptus leaves vine. When intertwined with the eucalyptus leaves it is captivating and will make your wedding decor, home decor, arch wall decor, etcetera more appealing.
  • ✅<b> HANDMADE FULL AND REALISTIC LOOKING</b> -- Our eucalyptus leaves are handmade, 90 percent silk and 10 percent plastic. Our eucalyptus leaves are eye catching. We offer leaves that have leaf miners (tiny water veins) that give off a full and realistic appearance.
  • ✅<b>PERFECT LENGTH FOR STYLING</b> --The eucalyptus garland vine has a length of 6 foot. The silver dollar leaves are 1.2 x 1.2, regular leaves are 1.2 inch x 1.2 inch. Our eucalyptus garland vine has a plastic wire that is perfect for shaping and applying to any setting.
  • ✅<b>HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE COMBINATION</b> -- The 6 foot eucalyptus garland vine and twinkle lights are captivating. The cool white light appeal adds joy to any setting. It is versatile, just turn on the fairy string lights for a warm and inviting appeal.

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 72% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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