AncestryHealth Core™: Health + Genetic Ethnicity Test (Not Available in NY, NJ, RI, or Guam)

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Learn From Your Genes AncestryHealth can help you discover how your DNA might influence conditions that could be passed down in your family, what may be ahead, and the steps you can take to chart a healthier path forward. DNA Results Make personal discoveries quickly with our clear, easy-to-read ethnicity estimate traced back to over 500 regions from around the world. Your DNA results will include a pie chart and percentages of your ethnicity, geographic locations pinpointed on maps, and depending on your regions, a timeline of historical changes with curated content. Some backgrounds may also include how and why your family moved from place to place around the world. DNA Matches Your results can identify potential relatives through DNA matching to others who have taken an AncestryDNA test. And we make DNA connections easy and effortless. Ancestry has tools like tagging, grouping, and custom labeling to help you organize the people with shared DNA. And remember, you can always opt in or out of DNA matches-your privacy and personal control is our top priority. Go Beyond Your DNA AncestryDNA has a unique ability to tap into Ancestry's family history resources-so you can fill in more pieces of your story. Combine what you learn from your DNA with the added value of over 100 million family trees on Ancestry. By pairing your DNA results with a family tree you can gain even more insight on the who, what, where, and when of your unique background. How it Works It's easy to get started once you receive your kit. #1 Activate your kit at: #2 Collect saliva sample in the provided tube #3 Mail your sample in the prepaid package #4 Explore your results in roughly 6-8 weeks (we'll keep you updated)


  • The health kit cannot be activated for customers with a permanent residence in the following states or US territories: NY, NJ, RI, or Guam.
  • AncestryHealth Core includes all of the features of AncestryDNA, the #1 selling consumer DNA test.* From your origins in over 1000 regions, to the most connections to living relatives, no other DNA test delivers such a unique, interactive experience. *Substantiated by AncestryDNA, January 2019 report.
  • Discover how your DNA might influence certain health conditions-and the steps you can take with a healthcare provider to chart a healthier path forward.
  • Get insights that may help you, along with a healthcare provider, act upon information in your reports-including access to genetic counseling resources and helpful tools.
  • Purchase fee includes $5.75 collected on behalf of the independent provider group for clinical oversight services.

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