AMH Lint Roller Pet Hair Remover 4 Pack - Extra Sticky Lint Rollers Refill for Clothes, Car Seats, Food Particles and etc.

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🔥AMH Pet Hair Rollers - The right tool for the right job!🔥 AMH Lint Rollers are a staple product in many people’s homes, especially when they have pets. The adhesive on the roller sheets is just enough to pick up lint without making clothing sticky or damaging fabric. You can use these rollers for furniture as well as clothes and even upholstery in vehicles. Their 4-inch width cleans a large swath with each pass. 🌈 ★Pros★🌈 🦉Gentle but effective adhesive works for any material. 🦉Sheets tear off cleanly and easily → not waste the last part of the roll. 🦉Durable handle material & recyclable. 🐶 ★ MULTIPLE USES for ALL AREAS ★🐶 🐶On the cat / dog If you’re a pet parent or keep animals in the office, you'll want to have a pet hair remover on hand to clean up your furniture and clothes. 🐳Felt pads on chairs Flip the furniture over (where possible) and use a lint roller to clean off those felt pads easily and quickly! 💐Removing Sparkles Pesky sparkles from holiday decor, costumes or crafts? Gone! 🌳Cleaning up broken glass or light bulbs A lint roller makes picking up even the smallest shards of glass easier and safer. ❄Clean up hair Whether you are shaving, plucking, trimming or performing any other form of hair removal, a lint roller will save you from leaving your hairy trail behind. ☃Clean bathroom rugs This has to be one of the most forgotten places in a home to clean! The easiest way to tackle this on a regular basis is to use a lint rollers. Don’t you love little gadgets that cost next to nothing and can be used for a bunch of handy things around the house? Use a lint roller, RIGHT NOW!


  • 🐳EXTRA STICKY LINT ROLLER & EASY PEEL - the adhesive roller from AMH removes pet hair from any kind of soft material, like clothing, carpeting, beds, sofas, couches, and more. The adhesive material is very sticky which can be teared cleanly and without any fuss. The adhesive only collects hairs and debris, so it will not damage your fabric.
  • 🍄NEW UPGRADE STRONG HANDLE - AMH roller handle is made of Environment-Friendly Plastic and Non-Toxic ABS and new structural deign. With its reusable ergonomic grip handle, works on many surfaces, roll will not slide down the handle and never get stuck during use.
  • 💐AFFORDABLE CLASSIC ROLLERS - each roll contains 64 easy-tear sheets for a total of 256 sheets, 2 tubes can be kept and reused. You can keep one at home and stash the other one in other handy places like your office, car, or bag. Use them on cleaning up the spilled sugar, sprinkles, broken glass,crumbs in the drawers, pet hair, car seats, lint and dirt on coats, fabric furniture, electronics and keyboards and etc.
  • 🎊CLASSIC LINT ROLLERS MULTIPURPOSE USE - lint rollers aren’t just for pet hair. They're also great for giving your clothes a quick once-over before you head out the door. When meeting with important clients or business partners, you want to look presentable, not covered in dust, lint, or hair.
  • ☘THE BEST GIFT FOR PET PARENTS - pet hair is a fact of life, but it's a small inconvenience when compared to the unconditional love and affection you get from your pet. Whether your pet has short hair, long hair, or something in between, AMH lint roller will pick it up off your clothes and furniture to keep things looking neat and tidy.***100% money back guarantee -100% risk-free purchase***

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