AFG FIREBALL MINI-Fire Extinguisher Ball, Red | Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball with Hanging Loop and Glow-in-the-Dark Safety Sign Sticker | Ideal for Home, RV, Car, Boat and more

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Fire damages in united states amounts to huge loss of lives and property every year. Fires generally take us with surprise leaving us with no time to react, and the best we can do is to dial 911. Our next action would be to look for our conventional bulky fire extinguisher and carry it along to the site of fire and somehow try to figure out how it works and yes it needs us to spend time near fire which is not the best position to be in.

Keeping this chaotic situation in mind, we at Quora Distribution provide an innovative product, an automatic self activating fire extinguisher system which literally anyone can use with ease and enhanced safety. Its a super efficient system to put off fire within matter of seconds. Yes we are glad to present " AFG - Fireball Fire Extinguisher " which will be a game changer for every segment replacing a traditional fire extinguisher system.


✔ Innovative design using latest technology employing ABC Dry Chemical Powder ideal for wood, electric and flammable liquid fires.

✔ Super efficient, self activating automatic system which spreads flame-retardant substance across 900 cubic feet of space to put off fire withn 3-10 seconds .

✔ Made from environmental friendly substances which are kids and pets safe providing you safety with peace of mind. br>
✔ Simple to use, just roll out or throw in fire against the complicated procedure for conventional fire extinguisher to pull pins, press handles, point nozzles.

✔ Perfect for use in residential and commercial applications like home, office, boat, RV, automobiles etc.

✔ Maintenance free has upto 15 years of effectivity with 5 years warranty.


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  • ★ PREMIUM QUALITY BALL FIREBALL : This innovative fireball extinguisher is Certified in USA and contains 90-94% pure ABC Dry Chemical Powder weighing less than 2 pounds is the best fire sprinkler or fire suppression system in the market ideally suited for paper and wood fires, electrical fires, and flammable liquid fires.
  • ★SELF ACTIVATING EFFICIENT SYSTEM : This super-efficient fire extinguishing ball system is designed to be an automatic system which bursts within 3-5 seconds and releases a massive amount of safe, non toxic extinguishing powder when it comes in contact with fire. The fireball comes with handy brackets making it simple to mount on walls or ceilings near fire prone zones.
  • ★ SAFE AND EASY TO USE : This exploding fire extinguishing ball is very simple to use. Simply roll out or throw in the fire and within 3-5 seconds the ball bursts spreading flame retardant substances across 35 cubic feet space. No complicated procedure of a conventional fire extinguisher to pull pin, squeeze handle, aiming nozzle and getting near fire. Providing you a safe and reliable option against fire hazard.
  • ★ ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY & EASE OF CLEANING : This traditional design fireball blends nicely with your interiors in home or office. Its a great safety equipment for your boat, RV or automobile aswell. The chemicals used are safe for kids and pets. The Fireball debris contains eco-friendly, non-toxic dust particles which can be vacuum cleaned or swept away using simple mop and bucket.
  • ★ Maintenance Free with 5 Years Guarantee : Unlike conventional extinguishers, its a service and maintenance free design without need of inspections, recharging, and is effective for 15 years. It also includes a five-year warranty. Quora Distribution is a remarkable company driving innovations to add value to customers. Go ahead and click ADD TO CART now!

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