Adjustable Clothing Rack, Double Rod Clothing Rack, 2 Tier Clothes Rack, Adjustable Hanger for Hanging Clothes, White Clothing Rack, Heavy Duty Garment Rack, Closet Rack, Freestanding, 220Lbs

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This adjustable garment rack is an ideal choice for "Home Must".

LUBAN KING's R&D team has been engaged in the clothes rack industry for more than ten years and is fully committed to bringing a wonderful experience to all of our users. Every detail of the product is the embodiment of our love. Thank you very much for being our customer.

Product Characteristics:

Saving Space - The height and the length is adjustable. The upper hanging rack can be extended from 30 inches to 53 inches. The height can rise from 97 inches to 119 inches. Therefore, you can use it for hanging and storing lots of clothing without taking up too much space.

Easy Assembly and Collapsible - With instruction, you can assemble the clothing rack easily. If you don't want to use it, you can fold it into a flat shape which do not need too much space for storing.

Sturdy - It is Constructed of heavy duty metal frame, which is electroplating rust. Therefore, the load capacity is up to 220 lbs, sturdy enough for you to hang lots of clothing. 

Safety - The bracket of the horizontal pipe is tightly locked with the vertical pipe by bolts, and the height of the horizontal pipe can be adjusted up and down by loosening the bolt. It is locked by the bracket cover, so that when the horizontal tube is subjected to the force alone, it will not slide laterally or the other end will be lifted to ensure safety. 

Kindly Note: Please do not hang heavier items over its max load capacity to prevent bend or being out of shape.

Package Content:

 2 adjustable vertical poles, 2 adjustable horizontal bars, 2 connecting pole, 1 pick hook


  • [ADJUSTABLE FROM 30" X 97" TO 53" X 119"] - The garment frame rack can be adjusted in width and height by bolt adjustment. The rod is equipped with a lockable bracket cover so that when the cross rod is stressed alone, it will not slide laterally or the other end will lift, which will ensure your safety. We also come with a reach hook that can easily help you hang your clothes on the tube above, which is very user-friendly
  • [220 LB LOAD WITH 2-TIER] - The double pole garment rack is designed to better help with storage and proper clothes loading. The thicker crossbars are more loadable and each layer has a load-bearing of 110 pounds. The two horizontal tubes have a total storage length of 206 inches, which can fully store your clothes and items, save more space and improve the utilization rate of the room
  • [HIGH-QUALITY CARBON STEEL AND PLASTIC PARTS] - The steel pipe are made of high-quality carbon steel. Its surface is first phosphatized, and then use electrostatic high-gloss white spray, which makes it beautiful and durable. The plastic part is injection molded from pure plastic pellets with good mechanical properties, durable and anti-aging, and long service life
  • [EASY TO ASSEMBLE] - The garment rack is very easy to assemble and does not require any other tools. Without damaging the wall, the vertical tube can be firmly placed between the floor and the ceiling (please ensure that the height of the rack is applicable to your house height). There are PVC anti-slip mats at both ends of the standpipe to enhance friction and increase stability. The rod of pipe garment rack can be shrunk for easy carrying and handling, lightweight and smart
  • [USE AND PACKAGE] - Our product shall be carefully packaged and delivered to you very soon. The adjustable closet organizer can be used not only in various situations, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and storage rooms but also in commercial displays, such as laundry, retail store and so on. If you have any product use and other issues, please contact us immediately. We will answer you quickly, so you can use this easy-to-install storage rack right away

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