7 Piece Set Wooden Utensils For Cooking - Eco-friendly, Safe & Durable Bamboo Utensils, Comfort Grip & Unique Design, Easy to Use Wood Kitchen Accessories

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Wooden Cooking Utensil Set (7 - Pieces) Set includes exquisitely engraved utensils for kitchen display. Each was named by the Inspired Panda as follows: Primary Spoon - named Excellence: "Be outstanding and extremely good at what you do." Mixing Spoon - named Willpower: "Be passionate about your desires while maintaining self control." Pasta Spoon - named Patience: "Accept delay, trouble and suffering without getting upset." Slotted Spoon - named Gratitude: "Be ready to express appreciation and to return kindness". Primary Spatula - named Imagination: "Form new ideas and be resourceful." Slotted Spatula - named Mindfulness: "Focus on the present moment and be aware." Countertop Container to store all your inspiration within easy access in your kitchen. Bamboo kitchen utensils are durable, stylish, lightweight, easy to use & clean. No harmful chemicals. Food safe. Suitable for non-stick, scratch resistant cookware. Designed for frying, stirring, mixing, and general purpose cooking. Safe for hot surfaces, scratch resistant surfaces, and non-stick pots, pans and baking sheets. No Hassle Guarantee: At Inspired Panda we love and take pride in our products and we are confident that they will meet your cooking needs. If you have any issues please contact us and we will make things right. When you place an order you can rest assured that our product will live up to your expectations. Environmentally Friendly: Bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilizers, grows rapidly and does not need replanting. Bamboo harvesting has a lower environmental impact compared to trees such as teak, walnut, or pine and its production has a lower environmental impact than synthetic materials such as plastic or silicone. Product is biodegradable and will not persist in the environment.


  • Quality Craftsmanship: Accent your kitchen with high-quality wooden cooking utensils. This 7-piece utensil set includes a mixing spoon, a pasta spoon, a serving spoon, a slotted spoon, a slotted spatula, a primary spatula, and a countertop container. Made from sturdy bamboo and sealed with a food grade, heat resistant, water resistant finish, these utensils are functional and durable.
  • Inspiration In The Kitchen: Cooking should be an inspiration and these utensils will help. Each utensil is engraved with words of inspiration (Patience, Excellence, Gratitude, Willpower, Imagination, and Mindfulness). These beautifully crafted wooden utensils will accent your kitchen and present an aesthetically pleasing ambiance. Each time you use them you will become more inspired.
  • Non-Scratch and Safe For Cookware: The Inspired Panda Cooking Utensil Set is made of premium quality bamboo that is soft to touch, lightweight, and solid. They will not scratch pots and pans, and are safe to use on non-stick kitchenware or stainless cooking surfaces.
  • Safe and Comfortable To Use: These wooden spoons and spatulas are designed to be easy to grip and use while stirring, frying, baking and flipping. They will not conduct heat to your hands like metal cooking utensils and will not melt like silicone cooking utensils. These wooden cooking tools can withstand a moderate level of direct heat without becoming damaged, and if cared for properly, will not burn. They are sanded to have a smooth surface and will not splinter.
  • Easy To Clean and Stylish To Display: When you are finished using a utensil gently clean it with dish soap and rinse. Then store your cooking spoons, forks and spatulas in the elegantly designed countertop display container to keep your kitchen counter clean and presentable. Or if you prefer, hang them on a kitchen display rack to dry.

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