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Why Vitamins for Hummingbirds? When we offer an easy food source to Hummingbirds they will spend most of their time enjoying this bonanza of easy foraging...not to say they won't eat other things they ordinarily feed on...but recognizing they certainly spend the majority of their time on our free offering.So why not provide in our sugar/water mix at least some of the right vitamins that we know all birds benefit from.Hummin'bird Harmony"Turns Sugar Into Superfood" helps provide those necessary vitamins instead of empty calories.


  • • The only vitamin formula for your sugar/water recipe used to feed Hummingbirds.
  • • Much more cost friendly than pre-mixed solutions, and easy to use.
  • • No artificial preservatives or dyes;Vitamins are colorless and flavorless
  • • Each container has enough measures for 60 16oz feeder of sugar/water mix,a total of 960 ounces!
  • • Helps produce better egg production and stronger bones.Inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria in your feeder. Hummers love the taste!

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