2nd Grade Jumbo Math Success Workbook: 3 Books in 1--Basic ic Math, Math Games and Puzzles, Math in Action; Activities , Exercises, and Tips to Help ... and Get Ahead (Sylvan Math Jumbo Workbooks)

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Product Description 3 BOOKS IN 1! Learning at home is as easy as 1 2 3 with this super-sized workbook that's jam-packed with 320 pages of kid-friendly, teacher-reviewed exercises for kids tackling 2nd grade math. Perfect for back to school--no matter what that looks like!Building a strong foundation in basic math is essential as 2nd graders prepare to advance to more difficult math concepts. This Jumbo Workbook  (a $39 value for just $18.99!) is a compilation of 3 of Sylvan Learning's most popular curriculum-based activity books* and includes 320 colorful pages all designed to help your child become familiar with basic math concepts like: • place value & number sense • addition & subtraction • grouping & sharing • fractions • geometry & measurement • time & money • graphs & data ... and much more! With vibrant, colorful pages full of games and puzzles,  2nd Grade Jumbo Math Success Workbook will help your child catch up, keep up, and get ahead—and best of all, to have lots of fun doing it! *Includes the full text of  2nd Grade Basic Math, 2nd Grade Math Games & Puzzles, and  2nd Grade Math in Action ***** Why Sylvan Products Work ***** Sylvan Learning Workbooks won a  National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honors Award as a top book series for children in the elementary-aged category. NAPPA is the nation’s most comprehensive awards program for children’s products and parenting resources and has been critically reviewing products since 1990. The Award recognizes Sylvan Learning Workbooks as some of the most innovative and useful products geared to parents. Sylvan's proven system inspires kids to learn and has helped children nationwide catch up, keep up, and get ahead in school. Sylvan has been a trusted partner for parents for thirty years and has based their supplemental education success on programs developed through a focus on the highest educational standards and detailed research. Sylvan’s line of educational products equips families with fun, effective, and grade-appropriate learning tools. Our workbooks and learning kits feature activities, stories, and games to reinforce the skills children need to develop and achieve their academic potential. Students will reap the rewards of improved confidence and a newfound love of learning. Review "The activities are FUN, and  our son doesn't realize that while he's having fun, he's also learning and reinforcing what he's learned." —  Shescribes.com " As an early childhood teacher, I know that good reading, vocabulary, and spelling skills make an essential foundation for both academic success as well as lifelong learning. Sylvan Learning Workbooks & Learning Kits are an awesome resource that I'd have no problem recommending to the parents of any of my students who are struggling. The teacher-reviewed, curriculum-based activities and exercises in  these books are great for helping a child achieve success with reading."—  TheOpinionatedParent.com "Since I was beginning homeschooling and looking for a good 'workbook' type system for my child to learn from aside from our other homeschool activities, I decided to try it out.  My son loves the workbooks." —  thedomesticdiva.com  "Samantha loves these books, because to her, they are not school work.  They are fun activities. But really, she is learning and doing the same work she does at school." —  mommymandy.com  "My daughter has picked up some great study habits, and she loves that we don't spend hours on one subject.  I recommend these workbooks to everyone—homeschooler or not—as they can really add to your child's learning experience." —  Thedirtyshirt.com "I love how each activity in a section connects to each other, which  allows the child to really grasp the concepts. The pages are full of interesting stories and fun activities. The workbooks also make it easy for kids to check their own work, which will help them gain confidence in their skills." —  Melissaclee.com "If you are looking for som

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