28 Pack Sensory Toys Set, Relieves Stress and Anxiety Fidget Toy for Children Adults, Special Toys Assortment for Birthday Party Favors, Classroom Rewards Prizes, Carnival, Piñata Goodie Bag Fillers

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Fidget sensory toys help to relieve stress, calm nerves and increase focus for children and adults, especially those with ADHD, ADD, OCD and autism. Ideal for parties, holidays, classrooms or for use as office toys. The toys keep you alert and focused throughout the day and help to develop new ideas. Great for students who can’t sit still. Set of Animal Squishies Mochi Squeeze Toys: These squishies are amazingly soft. You will not be able to stop pinching them because of how great they feel and their squeeze ability. Set of Stretchy String Fidgets: Stretch, pull, twirl, wrap and squeeze them, then watch them bounce back to their original shape. These toys are perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation. Set of Mesh and Marble Sensory Toys: Squeeze or slide the marble forth and back, bend it, fold it, squeeze the sleeve together and roll the marble like shaking bell. Set of Infinity Cube: The foldable Infinity cube is composed of eight small cubes. Each cube can be rotated from any direction and angle. Hold it in one hand and make it into any shape you like. Set of Fidget Cube: This fidget cube features 6 sides for you to rub, roll, spin, press, control and switch; it is anti-stress cube.


  • PACK OF 26: 6 Mochi Squishies, 3 Stretchy String Fidgets, 2 Mesh and Marble Sensory Toys, 4 Fun Puzzle Ball, 1 Infinity Cube, 1 Fidget Pad, 1 Z Spinner, 1 3x3 Speed Cube and 7 Fidget Spinners.
  • CHILD SAFE: Non-Toxic. Meets US Toy Standards. Safety Test-Approved. Durable. Superior Quality. Deluxe Set.
  • Fidget and Sensory Toys: A Perfect Way to Relieve Stress - Small Toys to Hold in the Palm of Your Hand. It's A Fun Way to Keep the Brain Focused and The Hands Busy.
  • POPULAR USES: For fun Birthday Party Favors, Classroom Rewards, Carnivals, Prize Boxes, Piñata Filler, Stocking Stuffers, Goodie Bag Fillers.
  • Great Design for Anxiety, Focusing, ADHD, ADD, Autism, OCD, Quitting Bad Habits, etc. Helps Relieve Stress. Get It and Share It with Your Friends for A Fun Christmas or at Party Time.
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