2-Pack Silicone Makeup Sponge By iCharm: Drop-Shaped Hypoalergenic Blender & 2-sided Silisponge/Cotton Powder Puff-Reusable,Easily Washed, Zero Foundation Absorption Applicators-Beauty, Cosmetics Tool

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Never Again Lose Half Of Your Foundation In Your Makeup Sponge Have you spent a lot of money on disposable foam makeup sponges which deteriorate after a few uses and steal half of your makeup? Is the terrible picture of moldy-looking, cut-in-half sponges very familiar to you? Replace them, as soon as possible, with our REUSABLE, 2-sided, silicone and cotton makeup sponge and get more for less! These smart beauty blenders are designed to minimize makeup wastage. Having a non-porous surface, they don't soak into your valuable foundation. You can, now, have a flawless result using a smaller quantity of makeup than when you apply it with your fingers. It is SO TRUE: these makeup sponges are awesome! When we say you don't need much foundation we're NOT KIDDING! Super Flexible And Soft Silicone Makeup Blenders For Perfect Flawless Application This foundation applicator is so squishy that it can work well even as a stress reliever! It has no sharp edges and it will NEVER scratch your face! Even if you are not a makeup person and you prefer a more natural look, these foundation blenders are for YOU. Smear a tiny quantity of liquid on your face, tap-tap-tap and get an airbrush-like finish. Easily washable, Bacteria-Free Beauty Applicators-Suitable For All Skin Types Do you have a sensitive skin which is prone to acne breakouts? Do you end up changing your makeup sponges too often because you are worried about how clean they are? You'll love that you can wash this high demand, flat, transparent, 100% medical silicone beauty sponge for makeup right before and after applying it on your skin. It is 100% hygienic, hypoallergenic and you can be confident that it doesn't harbor any bacteria. The Silicone Makeup Blender Craze Is Getting Out Of Hand! Order iCharm Sponges Now And You'll Get A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • STOP MAKEUP WASTE: This ultimate silicone non-porous makeup blender promises zero absorption and a perfect natural result, with only a tiny amount of your precious foundation. What you thought was not a lot, was actually too much. Try to use as much as you usually use and you'll realize the extreme waste of product. Now, you can have more makeup for you. Just one step to ideal skin and perfect photos.
  • EXTRA SPACE IN YOUR MAKE-UP CASE: You can, now, have two products in one, with our two-sided applicator. Turn the egg-shaped silicone makeup blender over and you have a cotton microfiber cloth for your powder-based cosmetics. Both the oval and the drop-like cosmetic beauty tools are 100% hypoallergenic on both sides and they will never scratch your face. They are perfect and practical for professional use. Sanitize and use them, again and again, on different faces and for different products.
  • USE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN: It is an easily washable silicone blender applicator, which does not require you neither to be a housewife to clean it nor to resort to your mum's powers. Our reusable silicone blender sponge refuses to get damaged even if you mistreat it. It looks like new after each wash. It's like your fingers-only better. If your sensitive skin needs care and you have an extreme fear of bacteria, think twice before you use, again, your old makeup sponge.
  • THE LATEST TREND IN COSMETICS: It is the latest and strangest trend in cosmetics. This silicone blender applicator is hyped as the new beauty blender and is used by all famous makeup artists, flooding the media and appearing in the tutorials of thousands of beauty vloggers. Order our pretty cool, egg-shaped and drop-like, odd-looking applicators right now and get what you know that you deserve.
  • WARRANTED PERFECTION: We have absolute confidence in our silicone makeup blender for cosmetic application. That's why we offer 30-day money back guarantee. After all, we use it on a daily basis ourselves. This makeup blenders' innovative design wins thousands of other women, everyday, in the world. Hold the sides to create a "point" and avoid a cakey face. You have, definitely, nothing to lose, there is nothing to risk, but you have a lot to gain. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Go on Girl!

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