2 Pack Extension Cord Protective Cover Set (Green) | Indoor Outdoor Water-resistant Holder for Holiday String Lights, Plugs and Wires | Capsule Shaped Protector with Large Compartment

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Run wires around your house and yard like a pro. Don't let snow, rain, or even the water sprinkler stop you! These outdoor cord protectors are made of heavy-duty molded plastic with rubber linings that lock moisture out. The capsule shape itself helps repel water away from the protector, ensuring that water won't build up on the surface. Aside from the rubberized snap closure, these cord plug protectors also have an overlapping cover that can serve several purposes. The most obvious purpose is as a secure cover that will prevent the protector from accidentally opening. Operate cordless power tools around your shop or yard without the fear of accidentally yanking the plug out of the connector. A not so obvious purpose of overlapping cover is for child and pet-proofing extension cord connectors. Rest your worries about your toddlers from tugging and unplugging extension cords especially during the holiday season where there are several lights plugged in around your house and yard. And don't worry, these plug protectors won't stick out like a sore thumb in your yard during the festive season. The black covers blend in quite well with the grass or trees and won't take away from the enjoyment of your yard light displays. Keep your beautiful lights on even when it's raining! Buy several sets and you'll surely have the most festive display! Inflatables, Wifi-controlled LED lights, string lights - you name it! These extension cord waterproof covers can have numerous applications including at home, in workshops, the field, the farm, or even in industrial settings! If you're still running extension cords outdoor - bare and exposed to elements, then you're exposing yourself to ticking-bomb electrical hazards.


  • Ultimate Protector for Your Electric Cords and Cables: Wrap our handy cover around your cord connectors to protect them from rain, snow and ice! They’re water resistant to protect against electrical shorts and blowouts! Safety first!
  • PROTECTIVE COVER CAN FIT UP TO 12 GAUGE CORDS - The protector encasement has a length of 8.25 inches and a diameter of 2.75 inches. The wire entry points can accommodate up to 12-gauge cords while the large plug compartment can comfortably fit average domestic electrical outlet plugs including 3-prong plugs. The opening is only 0.4-inch, ensuring that the fit will be tight no matter the size of the cord.
  • HEAVY-DUTY PLASTIC WITH RUBBER SEALS - Durable and watertight, these connector covers are perfect for home and shop use. The high-quality molded plastic case has rubber seals on all edges with a solid and tight seal on wire entry points. No more water entering into the cord connectors and absolutely no more accidental unplugging!
  • CAPSULE-SHAPED PROTECTOR WITH SECURE CLOSURE - The capsule shape is a functional design choice. It allows water to just slide down from the protector's surface, adding extra water-repelling action. Not only that, but the protector has a double closure design. Rubberized snap closure ensures a watertight fit while the overlapping cover ensures that the protector won't accidentally open.
  • CAUTION: Outdoor extension cord plug protectors should not be submerged in water for a prolonged period. Even the most waterproof materials are not infinitely impervious to water. This is especially true with objects that have seams.

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