(12 yards) 54 inch Cushion Wrap Silk Film: Easily Wrap and Install Foam into Cushion Cover

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Note: Ships in a 27" roll, which unfolds to 54". Cushion Wrap Silk Film, also known as EZ Film, is a noiseless plastic silk film that makes cushion foam easier to install into a fabric cushion cover. Wrap the silk film around the cushion foam and slip into the fabric cover. This cushion silk film is specially formulated to be silent under decorative or contract fabrics and also acts as a moisture barrier for outdoor cushions. Use Cushion Wrap Silk Film with a vacuum to shrink cushion foam by up to 70% before inserting into the fabric cover. This makes for even easier foam installation and ensures that the foam fills the cushion evenly - all the way into corners. To Use: Cover and tuck the Cushion Wrap Silk Film loosely around the foam. Insert a vacuum hose into an open end of the film directly onto the foam and turn on. The vacuum’s suction will compress the silk film over the foam and shrink the foam. Turn off the vacuum and the foam will slowly expand to original size. Please Note: Cushion Wrap Silk Film should not be left on a Dry Fast foam. This type of foam is intended to get wet and dry out quickly by design. It can be used to shrink the Dry Fast to fit into a covering, but should be removed immediately after insertion. Other types of foam can soak up water like sponge and may take weeks to dry out if not protected with Cushion Wrap Silk Film.


  • QUICK - Makes installing cushion foam a breeze
  • SILENT - Once installed in cushion, there is no need to remove it
  • PROTECTION - Great as a moisture barrier for outdoor cushions
  • VALUE - Over twelve yards of film will help you complete many projects
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - This film is backed by a 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back
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